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Phil-Phil Reviewed: June 2, 2023 concert by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
This show was BANANAS! 
Show had a perfect start thru PredX. In comes Converge, when it's apparent the crowd is reeling from the first six and processing the new tune. Herein lies the night's inflection point....

This Thing kicked off a dance vibe that I did not know existed. Synthy jazz all the way through until the moment they reminded us that you do now include the first letter of definite articles in abbreviations. KGLW FTW...... wait what?

auto_cremate Reviewed: June 2, 2023 concert by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
(Copied from my Weirdo Swarm Profile)


Where as N1 was the Nonagon night, N2 was all Mind Fuzz. I've been waiting 4 years to hear Cellophane and it did not disappoint. Though initially my wife and I didn't have tickets, we lucked out and a friend got us on Lukey's guest list so we enjoyed N2 from VIP which was a once in a lifetime experience as well as TOTALLY different from seeing the show from the rocks in the back. Both equally awesome experiences but I'm glad we got something totally different. Converge ripped the room apart and Astroturf deput into Garden Goblin was an unlikely highlight and much needed moment of respite from the intensity of the rest of the set. The crowd in VIP was a bit mixed but what can I say, I have never felt at home among the bourgeoisie.
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