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Who are you weirdos? is lovingly curated by a group that consists of approximately two dozen volunteers. We span a wide range of ages & professional careers and have come together to provide the world with the King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard information laid out here on the site. We are driven by passion, free time, & a determination to provide the most current and comprehensive resource for fellow fans. If you would like to contribute media, essays, or other content to be showcased on the site, write to [email protected] and our team will reply as soon as possible. Please understand, because we are all volunteers, responses may be delayed.

The site is, and will always remain, free of charge, free of advertisements, and open to all to enjoy.

What is is a fan-run site about King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard! Our goal is to be a comprehensive “one stop shop” for information regarding live performances of the band. This includes having an archive of all known concerts & performances, all known songs performed/recorded, and (for the performances we can listen to anyway) detailed notes! These additional show annotations include notable banter, teases during songs, all known recordings/videos of the performance and more!

In addition to just archiving all known performances, the website has several other features with the goal of providing additional depth into this amazing band. These include:

Why on earth would you make this thing?

It’s become clear that this band is far from ordinary, and the intricacies of their songwriting, music videos and live performances are far different than that of “any normal band”. There was no all-in-one spot for the majority of this type of information, so we’ve made one! The nuances of this band are incredibly fun to attempt to track, so now we can all debate in earnest exactly when the first Iron Lung jam was (was it Vegas 2022?), whether or not Invisible Face has actually ever been played outside of Evil Death Roll, and other fun conundrums that keep us up at night. Have you ever tried to navigate to find specific show information on Yikes.

Why are you doing all of this again?

Because we are all obsessive nerds of course! Seriously though, we believe that King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have created something truly incredible and want to use our collective skills to give back to the community and provide additional resources to help others follow this amazing band. The dedicated team here is scouring the internet and cross-referencing setlists along with any available audio & video to be able to confirm whether a show’s information from is correct. It’s time consuming, but we are dedicated to having accurate data for all to use!

How are you folks running the website?

The code powering the site is a system called Songfish, created and maintained by Adam Scheinberg; our team of volunteers uses Songfish to implement all content. is open-source and is hosted on GitHub.

How can I interact with the site?

The best way to start is by making an account. This allows you to create groups of shows (best for tracking which ones you've attended), and leave reviews and ratings. We all already know that King Gizzard put on one of the best live performances out there, so to keep the review and ratings features more useful for everyone here is a suggested guideline:

5 Stars - Those very few shows that really stand out. Very high expectations were exceeded, or transcendent experiences had.
4 Stars - Satisfied high expectations with great form, plenty of energy, and a strong, unique setlist. This should be the second most common rating.
3 Stars - A solid, satisfying show of expected quality. Missed out on another star perhaps by a generic setlist or a few flubs but still lots of fun. This is the minimum good rating and should be the most common.
2 Stars - The show was okay but left you wanting more. The band might be in poor form, played an uninteresting setlist, or had way too many song breaks. They don't do this very often.
1 Star - A solidly negative experience. This rating should really only be used for shows affected by technical difficulties or that were cut short, the few that you really wish would have been different or just aren't worth listening to recordings of.

What’s next?

In addition to ever improving the content showcased on our site with more accurate information & as additional shows take place, the team here at have goals to create a non-profit organization to accompany the ideals that the band showcase throughout their music. This project is still in its infancy but just hold tight as we iron out the best process to move forward!

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