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auto_cremate Reviewed: June 3, 2023 concert by King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
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This was an unexpected highlight of the weekend and prob my favorite set of the weekend. Before the boys even came out the amphitheater was buzzing (I would describe it as beautiful, serene, picturesque). Kamikaze Palmtree killed it outdoors and the Saturday crowd seemed to vibe with their music much more than the Thur/Fri folks. As the Strawberry Moon crested the trees in the distance the whole crowd started howling at the moon. It was a beautiful site. We were with some friends and their 3 kids so we were comfortably sat about 3/4 back from the stage but still had great spots and the sound was incredible. Gizz came out dressed like beautiful southern belles to celebrate the recently overturned drag ban which was thoughtful and meant a lot to my friend's 14 y/o nonbinary kid who said to me before the set "If Ambrose comes out in a dress I will literally ascend out of my body right here". They lost their mind! Amby of course had an outfit change because if 6 gizzards wear dressed you know 1 of them will wear TWO dresses. Though I'm not as deep in on the microtonal catalog it was immediately electric as soon as Rattlesnake started. I danced my ass off for almost the entire set. Straws in the Wind was the highlight of the microtonal portion of the set for me but they boys were tight and sounded great from the moment they played the first notes of the set. Witchcraft debut was insane and even outdoors on the lawn the crowd was engulfed. It was purely electric and the by the end the entire crowd was going nuts. I got to hear a personal grail, Boogieman Sam, which kicked off the back half of the set which was alllll jam. Closing out the night, the first lick from Head On/Pill sent shivers down my spine. I could have cried. A perfect end to a perfect night.
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