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Omnium Gatherum

Release Date: 2022-04-22
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I am tectonic
I am megalithic
My spirit runs mauve
I am the mountain of which you dream
I see you now behind the lens looking back at me

Omnium Gatherum wraps up the last of the pandemic lockdown-era isolation songs with the results of the first recording sessions with the band all back together jamming in the same room. Omnium Gatherum is an eclectic mixture of sounds that blurs the lines between some of their most retrospective sounding songs, and some of their boldest, off-the-wall experimentation.

This blurring is a product of the high volume of live show rehearsals by the band in preparation for their first live performances in two years. The heavily delayed marathon jam shows of March 2020 were originally intended as the ultimate reflection of an already accomplished career, and the fixation on finally fulfilling this goal has seen KGLW re-emerge as a ‘jam band’. The resulting album feels more complementary to the tours that are now enhanced with extended jam versions of fan favourites, guitar solos, and new songs that can serve as live segues between disconnected older material.

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Album Credits

Omnium Gatherum - ℗ & © 2022 KGLW - Used by permission.

• Artwork, layout and photography by Jason Galea
• Mastered by Joseph Carra
• Additional photography by KGLW

Side Position Track Track Length Notes
1 1 The Dripping Tap 18:17
1 2 Magenta Mountain 6:04
1 3 Kepler-22b 3:12
1 4 Gaia 5:11
1 5 Ambergris 4:27
1 6 Sadie Sorceress 3:07
2 1 Evilest Man 7:38
2 2 The Garden Goblin 2:56
2 3 Blame It On the Weather 2:31
2 4 Persistence 3:47
2 5 The Grim Reaper 3:05
2 6 Presumptuous 4:53
2 7 Predator X 3:45
2 8 Red Smoke 4:21
2 9 Candles 4:34
2 10 The Funeral 2:23

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