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Release Date: 2014-03-07
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It’s kind of funny
That I live the poetry I can not write
But you, my beauty
Shall be fixed forever loosely in my heart

Oddments is a loose collection of lo-fi psych songs that were created outside of other whole album projects or for abandoned concepts. Representing several paths that the band never went down, these are some of the most unique KGLW songs that tie up the loose ends of their early period for bigger and better sounding projects.

The first opus of Jason Galea, this intricate artwork spreads over the triple gatefold of the first vinyl issue with its own little world of idiosyncratic characters.

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Album Credits

Oddments - ℗ & © 2022 KGLW - Used by permission.

Ahhh… what can I say about this record?

We used to go the local grocery store and pick up what was labeled as an oddment. This was to my understanding at the time, a delicious can of soda left over from a larger pack sold at a discounted rate. We were poor thirsty young men looking for a bargain and this sugar kick fuelled the record. It also fittingly described the nature of the songs. Leftovers, potpourri, a bubble and squeak of a record.

Cooky wrote Crying when he was 16 and the two of us used to play it in our old band, we tried It’s Got Old for 12 Bar Bruise and Float Along before the 3rd and final recording worked, Sleepwalker is a reworking of a song we cut from Willoughby’s beach, ABABCd was a TV show theme Joey wrote.

The rest were recording experiments. Work This Time and Stressin’ were Joey and I trying to record soulful music, Alluda Majaka was a way to test out a new synthesiser I had bought, Homeless Man In Adidas is an attempt to make quiet music, Hot Wax was a home recording Ambrose and I made and Vegemite is just Vegemite.

This record was a slate-clearer, a head-cleaner. Spring cleaning for the mind. It helped us move on to I’m In Your Mind Fuzz and Quarters!, which were made abroad amongst fairly constant Europe and USA touring. Our last innocent record maybe. I think it was a full stop at the end of a period of adolesence. A dying flower. A rogue pube.



Love Stu

• All songs produced by Stu Mackenzie except Stressin and Work This Time produced by Joey Walker and Stu Mackenzie and ABABCd. produced by Joey Walker
• Recorded by: Stu Mackenzie, Joey Walker
• Mixed by: Stu Mackenzie, Joey Walker
• Mastered by Joe Carra
• Monty Hartnett plays Drums on Crying and Pipe-Dream
• Cover art and layout by Jason Galea
• Thanks to Jarrad Brown for the help recording Sleepwalker

Side Position Track Track Length Times Played Live Notes
1 1 Alluda Majaka 3:34 0
1 2 Stressin' 2:56 19
1 3 Vegemite 2:45 10
1 4 It's Got Old 2:58 11
1 5 Work This Time 4:36 35
1 6 ABABCD 0:17 0
1 7 Sleepwalker 3:46 28
1 8 Hot Wax 3:29 65
1 9 Crying 2:56 4
1 10 Pipe-Dream 1:01 0
1 11 Homeless Man In Adidas 3:24 0
1 12 Oddments 0:25 0

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