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Paper Mâché Dream Balloon

Release Date: 2015-11-13
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But in fact it’s a pattern
Everything I hear will always make me ashen
I know it’s recognizable
But it don’t make no sense at all, oh

This refreshing psych-pop album was recorded almost entirely on acoustic instruments for a quaint, folk-pop effect. The lyrics provide a dark undertone hinting at stories that highly contrast the sound. Showcases the Clarinet as part of a project to learn a new instrument every year.

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If you prefer the tone of the music to match very dark, intense lyrics

Album Credits

Paper Mâché Dream Balloon - ℗ & © 2015 Flightless Records - Used by permission.

Thanks to mum, dad, grandy and gramps for having us in the shipping container.
Thanks to Liza and Neve for having us at your house.
Thanks to Jarrad and Richie for the bass.
Thanks to Mladen and the girl across the street for the panio.
Thanks to Mark and The Foreign National for your studio.
Thanks and sorry to Andria for being a loud and annoying housemate.
Thanks to Alex for the continual lend of the guitar.
And thanks Philippa for well, everything! Love Stu

• Produced by Stu Mackenzie
• Recorded by Stu Mackenzie, Lucas Skinner, Joe Walker, Jacob Portrait
• Mixed by Mikey Young
• Mastered by Joe Carra
• Artwork & Photography by Jason Galea

Side Position Track Track Length Times Played Live Notes
1 1 Sense 3:30 17
1 2 Bone 2:16 0
1 3 Dirt 2:50 5
1 4 Paper Mâché Dream Balloon 2:39 1
1 5 Trapdoor 2:38 58
1 6 Cold Cadaver 2:43 0
1 7 The Bitter Boogie 4:29 29
1 8 N.G.R.I. (Bloodstain) 2:25 0
1 9 Time = Fate 2:26 0
1 10 Time = $$$ 2:04 1
1 11 Most Of What I Like 3:17 8
1 12 Paper Mâché 2:29 0

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