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Float Along — Fill Your Lungs

Release Date: 2013-08-27
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Just yesterday, I sat across from my legs
They weren’t connected to me
And I couldn’t see ‘cause my eyes weren’t in me
Hold me up straight while I screw my head on

Their first true psychedelic album. A lo-fi throwback in sound to The Beatles’ Indian influenced era, thanks to the extensive use of a Sitar. This instrument was chosen as the first in a project to learn a new instrument every year, also marking the beginning of a discography wide fascination with sounds from ‘the East’.

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Album Credits

Float Along — Fill Your Lungs - ℗ & © 2022 KGLW - Used by permission.

This the record where we started to play together for the first time. Like that kind of in the pocket intuitive feeling you can have while playing with certain people. We were playing a lot of shows and had started jamming and improvising a lot live. Out of the ether came head on/pill. It was short at first but it just kept fucking growing like pond scum. We thought we had better record it before we forgot it so we spend a day with paul maybury and laid the beast to rest. Eric’s almighty return to the drum kit here too, praise the lord. Although he had been a drummer for years, we had him for some reason playing keyboards and prancing around on stage with a theremin. Two kits just seemed louder and funner to me. We went bush with the rest of the album. Home recordings made in Darraweit Guim, Deniliquin and Anglesea. Pretty fuckin aussie really. We recorded all day and sat around the campfire all night. It seems funny to look back on but i think we were trying to make something psychedelic. And for us at the time, I suppose it was our psychedelic record. We were experimenting with synthesisers, the sitar and some odd time signatures for the first time. Music was starting to unravel and we were pulling the thread. Plenty more string to unravel though! Heres hoping you can find some enjoyment in this loose ball of vaguely associated tunes. Love, Stu

• All songs written by Stu Mackenzie except pop in my step written by Cook Craig and let me mend the past written by Stu Mackenzie and Ambrose Kenny-Smith
• Produced by Stu Mackenzie with Paul Maybury and Jarrad Brown
• Recorded in homes, studios and sheds during 2013 by Stu Mackenizie, Jarrad Brown and Paul Maybury
• Mixed by Paul Maybury except the first movement of Head On mixed by Michael Badger and the left side of mystery jack mixed by Jarrad Brown
• Mastered by Joe Carra
• Front cover and poster photography by Ben Butcher. Projections by Jason Galea
• Layout and back cover photo by Jason Galea
• Poster artwork by Ican Harem

Side Position Track Track Length Times Played Live Notes
1 1 Head On/Pill 15:59 115
1 2 I'm Not a Man Unless I Have a Woman 2:55 4
1 3 God Is Calling Me Back Home 4:24 11
1 4 30 Past 7 3:43 7
1 5 Let Me Mend the Past 2:30 33
1 6 Mystery Jack 2:47 12
1 7 Pop In My Step 2:51 5
1 8 Float Along – Fill Your Lungs 6:45 29

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