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Murder of the Universe

Release Date: 2017-06-23
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Despondent, lugubrious, no future
We turned our bodies to computer
We are our own nature, abuser
No future, computer, abuser

Perhaps the most unique record in the catalogue, Murder Of The Universe is a dark, noisy, unashamed deep dive into the Gizzverse. Progressing through various forms of geeky psychedelic Metal, extensive spoken narration is used in conjunction with vocals. This narration is provided by the ‘Reticent Raconteur’ (folk singer-songwriter and label mate Leah Senior), and ‘Han-Tyumi’ the ‘confused cyborg’ (text to speech software). Between the lyrics and the poetry of the characters, an epic tale is spun in three acts; infamously dubbed ‘post-audiobook’ by music critic Anthony Fantano, it could be equally described as sci-fi metal opera.

The unavoidable fact is that MOTU defies description and must be heard to be comprehended.

What to listen to next:

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I feel like I missed whatever could have led up to this
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I didn’t like this, give me something completely different

Album Credits

Murder Of The Universe - ℗ & © 2017 Flightless Records - Used by permission.

• Music by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
• Lyrics by Stu Mackenzie
• Stories written by Stu Mackenzie, Except Track 21, “The Murder Of The Universe” by Joey Walker and Stu Mackenzie
• Recorded by Casey Hartnett, Stu Mackenzie, Michael Badger and Joey Walker
• Produced by Stu Mackenzie
• Mixed by Michael Badger
• Mastered by Joe Carra
• Artwork by Jason Galea

Side Position Track Track Length Notes
1 1 A New World 0:57
1 2 Altered Beast I 2:23
1 3 Alter Me I 0:45
1 4 Altered Beast II 4:28
1 5 Alter Me II 1:25
1 6 Altered Beast III 2:14
1 7 Alter Me III 1:26
1 8 Altered Beast IV 5:10
1 9 Life/Death 0:59
1 10 Some Context 0:16
1 11 The Reticent Raconteur 1:05
1 12 The Lord of Lightning 5:07
1 13 The Balrog 4:29
1 14 The Floating Fire 1:54
1 15 The Acrid Corpse 1:00
1 16 Welcome to an Altered Future 0:55
1 17 Digital Black 2:46
1 18 Han-Tyumi, The Confused Cyborg 2:21
1 19 Soy-Protein Munt Machine 0:30
1 20 Vomit Coffin 2:19
1 21 Murder of the Universe 4:09

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