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Release Date: 2020-11-20
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Galvanising uncertainty
Mindful of the weary inkling that is lurking
Hierarchy, it’s been cracking aegis
Embodied in this black heart shameless

Volume 2 of ‘Explorations into Microtonal Tuning’. This is the first of two ‘working from home’ albums developed by sending snippets back and forth online between band members during pandemic lockdown. This process introduced new songwriter combinations that reinvent old ideas and get some new weirder ones out at the same time.

Less sonically focused than ‘Explorations into Microtonal Tuning Vol. 1’, a greater variety of genres and sounds emerge from the originally Anatolian instrument tunings. These include familar variations on folk and metal; but also explore new experiments with rapping and Turkish-throwback-synth-disco-pop (yep).

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Album Credits

K.G. - ℗ & © 2020 KGLW - Used by permission.

• Mastered by Joseph Carra
• Artwork by Jason Galea
• Produced by Stu Mackenzie

Side Position Track Track Length Times Played Live Notes
1 1 K.G.L.W. (Intro) 1:36 16
1 2 Automation 3:29 26
1 3 Minimum Brain Size 4:18 32
1 4 Straws In The Wind 5:41 32
1 5 Some of Us 3:52 4
1 6 Ontology 3:58 8
1 7 Intrasport 4:12 0
1 8 Oddlife 4:57 26
1 9 Honey 4:33 30
1 10 The Hungry Wolf of Fate 5:07 4

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