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I'm In Your Mind Fuzz

Release Date: 2014-10-31
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When I’m in your mind
Then I’m in your mind
When I’m in your mind fuzz
Then I’m in your mind

With a clean Krautrock inspired foundation, King Gizzard make their first big evolution with a pivot away from lo-fi production. I’m In Your Mind Fuzz moves more confidently between driving and relaxed psychedelic sounds, and features the Flute as part of a project to learn a new instrument every year. The first album recorded in a professional studio, the first published internationally, and the first truly essential, realised, King Gizzard album.

Traditionally recommended as the best starting point of the discography, it implements several ideas that would eventually coalesce into what is now known as the ‘Gizzverse’. These include visual elements of the album artwork and music videos, and seamless track medleys that link songwriting elements. Both aspects lay significant groundwork for imagery and concepts that are built upon in later albums.

What to listen to next:

If you want the next ‘essential’ Gizzverse album
If you liked the driving basslines of Krautrock influence
If you prefer a minimal studio mix for a cleaner sound
If you like the ‘slow jam’ tracks

Album Credits

I’m In Your Mind Fuzz - ℗ & © 2014 KGLW - Used by permission.

This album is dedicated to all of the people that help make things happen -

Maybs, Badger, Wayne and the crew at Daptone,
Michelle, Sloanie, Harvey, Steve, Lorrae, Linda and all of our families and girlfriends.

We love the lot of ya!

• All songs written by Stu Mackenzie except Hot Water by Joey Walker/Stu Mackenzie.
• Produced by Stu Mackenzie
• Mastered by Joe Carra
• Art by Jason Galea

• Tracks 1,3,4,6,7 recorded by Wayne Gordon at Daptone, Brooklyn
• Tracks 2,5,8,9,10 recorded by Paul Maybury at a secret location, Melbourne
• Additional recording by Stu Mackenzie at Hunter Mountain, New York

• Tracks 1,3,4,7 mixed by Michael Badger at Jaya Jaya music with additional mixing by Stu Mackenzie.
• Tracks 2,8,10 mixed by Paul Maybury and Stu Mackenzie at a secret location
• Tracks 5,6,9 mixed by Stu Mackenzie on a laptop in the tour van

Side Position Track Track Length Times Played Live Notes
1 1 I'm In Your Mind 3:33 170
1 2 I'm Not In Your Mind 2:58 163
1 3 Cellophane 3:10 257
1 4 I'm In Your Mind Fuzz 2:51 133
1 5 Empty 4:10 7
1 6 Hot Water 3:23 128
1 7 Am I In Heaven? 7:05 108
1 8 Slow Jam 1 2:54 23
1 9 Satan Speeds Up 3:39 4
1 10 Her and I (Slow Jam 2) 8:15 21

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