Name Appearances Note
Adam Halliwell 2 Guitarist of the band Mildlife
Ambrose Kenny-Smith 319 Occupies a ‘spotlight’ role and provides the group’s signature harmonica wail and live percussion/keys duties. Has the second most vocal and co-writing credits, and occasionally plays alto saxophone. Ambrose is also the principal member of The Murlocs.
Angus Dowling 1 Member of the Babe Rainbow
Broderick Smith 3
Carolyn Schofield 1 Member of the band Fia Fell
Cook Craig 318 The third guitarist and occasional keys player, Cook also contributes the occasional song and lead vocal in his kooky Zolo style. Cook has the solo project Pipe-Eye, and plays bass in The Murlocs.
Elliot O'Reilly 1 Member of the Babe Rainbow
Eric Moore 165 Eric began in the band as the secondary drummer, usually playing live in unison with Cavs, and rarely recorded for the studio material. He is the founder and director of Flightless Records, who published the band’s material for nearly ten years, and also managed the band up until August 2020 when he departed the group to focus on the label full time. Since the split from the band, Flightless Records is now just one branch of a larger organisation since including Flightless Distro, a product design/shipping fulfilment facility for the Melbourne record industry, and Flightless Factory, a niche interest record store. The band now self-publish under the ‘KGLW’ label (part of Ochre / Bleep).
Fraser A. Gorman 1
Genevieve Fry 1 Member of the band Cold Hands Warm Heart
Grace Cummings 1
Jack Crowther 1 Member of the Babe Rainbow
Jim Rindfleish 1 Drummer of the band Mildlife
Joey Walker 323 The primary of three guitarists, with the occasional lead vocal and songwriting credit, and often composes and plays bass in studio recordings. Specialises in electronic music production and occasionally performs DJ sets.
King Khan 1 Arish Ahmad Khan (born January 24, 1977), better known by his stage name King Khan, is a Canadian musician/producer/artist/writer. He is best known as the frontman of King Khan and the Shrines and for being one half of The King Khan & BBQ Show.
Leah Senior 13
Los Bitchos 1 Serra Petale, Agustina Ruiz, Josefine Jonsson, Nic Crawshaw
Lucas Harwood 320 Lucas Harwood (né Skinner)'s primary musical role is playing bass live, and occasionally performs in studio recordings.
Malcom Brown 1
Melbourne Chamber Choir 1
Michael Cavanagh 318 'Cavs' is the drummer of the band, composing and performing all primary percussion duties. Releases solo percussive music as CAVS.
ORB 1 Heavy Psych band, friends of King Gizzard from the Melbourne psych scene.
Oskar Carls 1 Saxophone
Richard Tankard 1 Keyboard player who worked with Broderick Smith
Shannon Bourne 1 Guitarist who worked with Broderick Smith
Stonefield 1 Heavy Psych sister-quartet. Their drummer Amy is Cavs' wife.
Stu Mackenzie 326 The ‘front’ of the band, lead songwriter, lead vocalist, and steers the creative direction of the group either with album concepts, or the constant evolution of songwriting and instrumentation. Primarily plays guitar and often composes or plays bass in studio recordings; additionally composes with and plays flute, clarinet, and anything with a keyboard. Inspired by or formerly played sitar, bağlama, and zurna.
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