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Flight b741

Release Date: 2024-08-09
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Flight b741 is a 'back to basics' classic Blues-Rock album after a period of heady experimentation and complex live performance arrangements. Named after a chord progression popularised by the likes of the Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead, Flight b741 is an album designed for robust live performance, with songs serving as convenient jam anchors with a fun and steady tone.

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Side Position Track Track Length Times Played Live Notes
1 1 Mirage City 2
1 2 Antarctica 0
1 3 Raw Feel 2
1 4 Field of Vision 0
1 5 Hog Calling Contest 0
2 1 Le Risque 03:44 2
2 2 Flight b741 0
2 3 Sad Pilot 5
2 4 Rats In The Sky 0
2 5 Daily Blues 2

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