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Live At Levitation '14

Release Date: 2021-10-10
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Recorded live at Carson Creek Ranch, Austin, Texas, USA, May 2nd 2014. This was the first full live show that KGLW played in the United States, at the psychedelic rock festival Levitation (née Austin Psych Fest).

Promoting I’m In Your Mind Fuzz at the time, the set list consists mostly of that album, including the rare b-side Wholly Ghost (this is the only digital publication of that song), and concluding with Head On/Pill (Float Along — Fill Your Lungs).

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Album Credits

• Recorded by Craig Lawrence
• Mixed By Stu Mackenzie
• Mastered by Joe Carra
• Cover art by Jason Galea and Jamie Wdziekonski

• Ambrose Kenny-Smith: Harmonica, Keys, Vocals
• Cook Craig: Guitar, Bass
• Eric Moore: Drums
• Joey Walker: Guitar, Vocals
• Lucas Skinner: Bass
• Michael Cavanagh: Drums
• Stu Mackenzie: Guitar, Vocals

Side Position Track Track Length Notes
1 1 I'm In Your Mind (Live) 3:41
1 2 I'm Not In Your Mind (Live) 2:31
1 3 Cellophane (Live) 3:12
1 4 I'm In Your Mind Fuzz (Live) 2:46
1 5 The Wholly Ghost (Live) 4:04
1 6 Sleepwalker (Live) 4:26
1 7 Am I In Heaven? (Live) 6:30
1 8 Head On/Pill (Live) 16:48

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