Brent's Recs, Vol. 4: Matrix Edition
Recommending the very best live King Gizzard audience recordings.

Thank You, Tapers!

As creator of the King Gizzard Live Spreadsheet and collaborator, Brent (@Gizzhenge here, /u/(yebrent) on Reddit) has a valid claim to having listened to the most live King Gizzard of anyone (outside of the band themselves and their touring crew). These recommendations are the best combination of complete recordings, in high quality, of the band in their top form.
This month we feature the very desirable SBD/AUD matrix recordings. “Matrices” (plural of “matrix”) are a mix of soundboard and audience recordings that “combine the high quality of the soundboard with microphones placed in the audience to provide a more immersive experience,” as explained by This type of mixed recording has always been highly desired by tapers and collectors, as sound quality is typically only surpassed by professionally mixed official releases by the bands and their partners, like a music festival official stream. The taper-made SBD/AUD matrices are typically from earlier in a band’s career when they are more likely to permit a taper to plug into the soundboard feed. In King Gizzard’s case, there are 11 known taper-made SBD/AUD matrix recordings from 2014-2019. All 11 known recordings were made by only a handful of US tapers. This month we feature one recording from each of the years available:

October 13, 2014 - Baby's All Right, Brooklyn, New York, USA

This is a high-quality sbd/aud matrix by NYCTaper and contains the earliest known live recordings of Empty, Hot Water and Slow Jam 1. The dual closing Am I in Heaven? and Head/On Pill is a 25-minute psychedelic guitar and flute-driven frenzy. There is also a version on YouTube if you prefer.

June 19, 2015 - Bowery Ballroom, New York, New York, USA

This is a high-quality sbd/aud matrix by NYCTaper. This is a super fun show! It has a Hot Water/Hot Wax pairing, three early Nonagon songs, The River, and a monster 20-minute Am I in Heaven? that weaves in and out of Head/On Pill a few times. The set also included Muckraker and Danger $$$, which were already considered old in 2015. Now, nine years later there is no bigger bustout on my wishlist than Muckraker. Here is a YouTube version if you prefer.

May 6, 2016 - The Grey Eagle, Asheville, NC, USA

This is a high-quality sbd/aud matrix by Marty Loving. Live versions of Nonagon Infinity songs from 2016 are so intense, and this show does not disappoint starting with the opening Robot Stop -> Hot Water -> Robot Stop. The other Nonagon songs (Gamma Knife > People-Vultures and the closer Evil Death Roll) also have that same intensity. The Mind Fuzz suite has an intermission as Stu saves crowd surfers from ejection. The River shines in its > 10-minute, 4-part glory. Head On/Pill is a masterful version and the rare Gizz encore. For those who prefer it, here's a YouTube link.

June 16, 2018 - Brooklyn Steel, Brooklyn, NY, USA

This is a high-quality sbd/aud matrix by NYCTaper. The setlist is such a treat with songs that have since become rarities like Muddy Water and The Wheel, and songs that King Gizz hasn’t played live in years, like Greenhouse Heat Death, Deserted Dunes Welcome Weary Feet, and The Castle in the Air. Crumbling Castle > The Fourth Colour and the Nonagon songs bring the heat and showcase the dual drummers. The Head On/Pill closer has some dope extended teases including Sea of Trees and Am I in Heaven? There is also a YouTube version for you to enjoy.

August 31, 2019 - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, USA

This is a high-quality sbd/aud matrix from Mystery Jack Official. This show has no microtonal songs and includes the live debut of Sense, which has a fun jam. Other highlights include Plastic Boogie, The Castle in the Air, Muddy Water, Cyboogie, The River -> Wah Wah > Road Train, This Thing, Work This Time, ALL the metal tracks…really you could point to any song as a highlight of this superb set and recording.

Links to these and future Brent's Recs, highlighting the very best King Gizz audience recordings will be at King Gizz Live Spreadsheet. Make a recommendation for the next edition in the comments.

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