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The Silver Cord

Release Date: 2023-10-27
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As ‘Yin’ to PetroDragonic Apocalypse…’s ‘Yang’, The Silver Cord picks up on the same world ending narrative; and gets its opposing tone from being the band’s first album performed entirely on electronic instruments (aside from a single Piano overdub). This soundscape and campy aesthetic pay homage to Kraftwerk-style early techno, and provide a suitable basis for Joey’s various tastes in club beats, Stu’s heady vocals, and some of ‘Shrimpomaniac’s wacky raps.

The recording was bounced to analogue tape and back for the ‘extra-real sounding filter’ to accompany the liberated composition-by-jamming process; the last in a batch of albums written and recorded in this way since the pandemic.

Strangely, this can be considered as both their longest and shortest album to date, being cut into two versions: a 28 minute standard edition, and an 88 minute (8 minutes more than the previous longest runtime of Omnium Gatherum) extended mix designed as the true experience for fans.

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Side Position Track Track Length Times Played Live Notes
1 1 Theia 3:24 1
1 2 The Silver Cord 4:20 2
1 3 Set 3:56 0
1 4 Chang'e 3:46 0
1 5 Gilgamesh 3:43 0
1 6 Swan Song 4:25 0
1 7 Extinction 4:40 3
2 1 Theia 20:41 1 (Extended Mix)
2 2 The Silver Cord 12:45 2 (Extended Mix)
2 3 Set 10:18 0 (Extended Mix)
2 4 Chang'e 10:46 0 (Extended Mix)
2 5 Gilgamesh 11:16 0 (Extended Mix)
2 6 Swan Song 10:29 0 (Extended Mix)
2 7 Extinction 12:28 3 (Extended Mix)
3 1 Space Junk 4:32 0 (vinyl hidden bonus track)
3 2 Plasma 3:10 0 (vinyl hidden bonus track)
3 3 Embryo 4:02 0 (vinyl hidden bonus track)

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